About Denise

About Denise Begnell - Port Macquarie Singing Teacher.

Denise Begnell believes the approach to teaching singing should be enjoyable and holistic, building confidence and self-belief.  Every voice is unique and as such, the approach to teaching each pupil varies.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, young or old, singing lessons can be personalized to suit you.   Denise is a vocal technician and is able to help people understand and reach excellence in vocal discipline, mastery and expression. 

For over thirty years Denise Begnell has achieved remarkable results from her students, from guiding the voice to examination preparation, competitive Vocal Eisteddfods, HSC preparation as well as Music Theory and Aural Classes.  Denise has also seen many of her students go on to make a career in music, appearing in Professional Musicals, singing in bands, working as a soloist or Teaching.

Denise knows that the basics are vital – she has studied vocal techniques with the masters.  Robert Bickerstaff, who has given Master Classes for Denise comments “Denise understands breathing, resonance, diction, projection and sympathetically prepares students for tertiary music, a musical education and performance opportunities.  She has commitment and enthusiasm and I enjoy offering Master Classes with her studio”.

Denise Begnell is not just a singing teacher.  She has an extensive background of performing in Musicals, Cabaret and Theatre Restaurants as well as hosting children’s shows.  As such Denise not only coaches the student to sing but on interpretation and presentation without which a song has no meaning.

Denise has an impressive professional teaching resume including teaching at MacDonald College Performing Arts College Strathfield and managing, developing and implementing the vocal curriculum at Johnny Young Talent School Central Coast 1988 – 1995 along with also running her own successful private studio.  Whilst teaching at the Johnny Young Talent School, Denise also Produced and Directed not only end of year showcases but School Holiday Entertainment shows for local shopping centres. 
Denise has high standards for herself as a teacher and as such will not accept any negativity from her students.  Neither will she compare any student to another.  Encouragement is the key to her teaching as each pupil is on their own personal journey.

Denise also strives for personal vocal excellence and improvement, continuing to take part in various Conferences and Workshops.